Members, it is that time of year to be thinking about any high school seniors affiliated with the lodge who would like to apply for a lodge scholarship to help fund their continuing education.  Students do not necessarily need to be attending college next year, as the scholarships can be applied to other educational endeavors such as trade schools and training programs where fees are involved.

Some reminders:  

The lodge scholarships are for current high school seniors only.  If a student is already enrolled in a university or higher educational program, they can apply to the SDOIA State scholarship if they have not already done so.  These students should contact Pam Wright if they have questions about the state scholarship. Applicants must have some affiliation with the lodge, whether through direct membership or through the membership of their parents or grandparents. Please note that April 9, 2021 is the application deadline for the lodge scholarship, and our tentative date for an awards ceremony is May 19, 2021.  This, of course, will depend on mandates from the State of Colorado regarding social gathering.  Details will be forthcoming as we get closer to those dates.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact me directly at:

Thank you,
Bob Giusto, Scholarship Committee Chairman

The button below will take you to the FORMS page where you can fill out the Scholarship Application online, print and mail it to:
Bob Giusto
Scholarship Chairman
781 S. Jellison Ct. 
Lakewood, CO 80226  
or email to: